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Release date : wednesday 17 october 2012 10:50

Publisher : Mobility in Life applications

Version : 2017.418.645.0

Size : 45.05 Mo

Languages : English (United States)

What is myVideos 3D+ FREE wp8.1 ?

my VIDEOS 3D+ is an innovative cloud media player that extends the visual feeling in your WP. Play, View, Edit or Share directly any video or audio file from your phone storage or SD card, or Play/Download any video/audio from your OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox or from Youtube (using a special toolbar).
The player uses the powerful FFMPEG library and it supports almost all video or audio codecs that may exist, so you will not worry about the media file types. It plays everything!
The player supports:
- 16 Real-time Video Effects (included 3D mode!), described below
- Adjust the brightness, the saturation and the contrast of the video (for dark videos)
- Rotate the video with 6 options (vertically, flip horizontally, etc)
- Adjust the Playback Speed of the video or the audio file (Slow Motion, Fast Forward, etc. 10 modes in total) !
- Capture snapshots from the video and auto-save them to the Pictures folder during playback
- Replay, Play, Pause, Move back or forward, Skip positions
- Full Screen View or Normal View
- Adjust the volume
- Switch modes without stop

You can play every video in your phone in 14 different modes:
- 2D: classic mode,
- 3D: watch your 2D recorded video in 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses – 6 types of glasses supported)
- Cartoon mode: watch yourself in a cartoon mode!
- Old movie: Your video is viewed as it is recorded many years ago
- Grayscale: view your video painted in gray tones
- Warhol: view your video painted in a Andy-Warhol style painting
- Lomo: view your video with a lomographic effect!
- Billboard: view your video as a billboard
- Vintage: your video is viewed as vintage
- Vintage Bars: a unique effect that adds a new visual feeling in your video.
- Blur: the video is blurred.
- Pixelate: pixelate on the video
- Warhol Grid: the video becomes a Warhol-style paint
- Sketch: the video is viewed as it is sketched on a paper!
- Halftone: the video is viewed as a halftone grayscale paint!
- Colortone: the video is viewed as a fullcolor paint with tones!

The application provides many different List Views to the user, including the media files of the Videos Library and the Camera Roll, the audio files from the Music Library and a list with the recently played videos.
For each cloud account (OneDrive, DropBox or Google Drive) similar lists are provided to the user in order to choose what to play or download in his/her phone.

For each media file (video or audio) you are able to view or edit it's media properties: title, subtitle, track number, album, artist, the video location in a map, etc...

You are able to share each media file with other apps!!

You are able to edit directly every video in your phone with the use of our other free app "Video Edit 3D+", with options to trim, add background audio, save the video with effects, change resolution or format, etc...

As far as we know there isn’t such application exist for any smartphone platform (iPhone, Android , Windows) so we are very proud!

The Windows 8.1/RT and the Windows 10 version for Windows Desktop, Laptop, Tablet that supports also "Video Editing" is released in the Windows Store:
Application's name: "myPlayer 3D+".
Link: http://bit.ly/1n3IogG
Version 6.1.8
(Released: 06 May 2016)
Fixed a serious bug for Windows Mobile 10 users!! (back key behavior)
Please, all Windows 10 users should update to the latest version!

Version 6.1
(Released on 19 Feb of 2016)
1) YouTube links are up-to-date ...
2) Added recursively search for video files on your Folders (Videos, Camera Roll, SD Card etc)...
3) Fixed bugs..

Version 6.0
(Released on 17 Dec of 2015)
1) Added support for playback all possible video and audio formats (using FFMPEG).
From now on, it supports every video or audio file type that exists (flv, mkv, webm, mp4, mov, mpg, flac, mp3, aac, etc..)
2) Youtube links updated
All YouTube links for all cases (downloads, audio only, etc) are up-to-date ...
3) Several bugs fixed
4) Lock Screen problem during playback fixed

Version 5.0
(Released on 04 Nov of 2015)
1) Video Edit integration
Integration with our other free app. "Video Edit 3D+" . Select a video and send it directly to "Video Edit 3D+" for editing (with our special effects). The new video will be added to your Videos Library folder automatically!
2) Improved Background downloads/uploads
3) Media files play/edit/share/view
View, delete, edit or share with other apps your media files directly (video/audio)!
4) New video effects
5 new unique video effects available both for playback or for editing/saving...
5) YouTube links updated
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